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We are a small family run business where our dogs are our pampered pets.
We believe that the first eight weeks of a puppy's life are essential to their development. We spend hours with the puppies working with them in a safe environment and giving them the foundation to become well rounded loving family pets. The puppies are raised in the middle of our kitchen where they are handled daily by adults and children. They are socialized to different people of varying ages and they are accustomed to all the different household noises from the very beginning. We use the dog's natural instinct to keep their den clean to start potty training as soon as they start toddling around. This sets them up for easier potty training when they go to their new homes.


Toffee is a gentle dog that is super loving. She is very sweet tempered and enjoys children and adults alike. She is happy and mild mannered. She responds quickly to training and has successfully completed obedience class. She is spirited in the outdoors but relaxed indoors.


Butterscotch is a joy to have indoors as she likes to be near her human family. She loves attention and a good head scratch. But she is not afraid to run and play outdoors! She is quick to learn and desires to please. She is a tender-hearted dog who looks out for others in the family as well as the other dogs.


Gingersnap is bright and quick to learn. She is a gentle girl who loves her family and wants to help. We have noticed her sensitivity to our feelings. She has taken obedience classes and enjoys social interaction. Gingersnap is currently enjoying her family and chihuahua friends as she lives with her forever home in the guardianship program.


Charlie is our chocolate stud. He was the easiest to train, is known for his gentle spirit and happiness. He lives as an emotional support animal for a dear family friend.


Red Velvet King, known by his family as “Reuben” came to us as a puppy and is loved by all. He is living with his grandparents nearby and enjoys taking them for long walks by the Mississippi River. He is well trained and greets all those he meets with joy.

Update! Toffee and Charlie are the proud parents of our latest puppies and you may read about the parents on “Our Dogs” tab. Puppies are dark brown like Charlie with some white markings. Each one is unique. There are puppies available but going quickly! They will be 8 weeks on April 15.

Late summer Butterscotch and Red Velvet King are looking forward to becoming parents. We only breed standards and cannot guarantee a certain color. Please text for availability. (309) 779-8894

Males available

Females available

Puppy Purchasing Agreement and Health Guarantee

The Buyer, will pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200.00 to Seller to be placed on the wait list for a puppy. Puppies will be picked in the order of waitlist deposit received. When the puppies are (5) five weeks of age the Buyers on the waitlist will make their selections within the category they selected when placing their waitlist deposit. The Seller will arrange a video call time with the Buyers before they turn 5 weeks so that the Buyers behind you in line don't have to wait too long to pick out their puppy as well. The BUYER then owes $300 after their puppy is selected to keep that puppy within 24 hours. The Buyer has 48 hours after selecting their puppy to pay this or the waitlist deposit is forfeit and they lose their place in line. We only do video calls before the puppies have their first set of shots so that we don’t bring any extra germs into the house. If you are placing your deposit after the puppies are 5 weeks of age you will pay the full $500 deposit and immediately pick out your puppy from the available puppies with a video call.

The puppy shall remain with the Seller until they are 8 weeks old and/or have been cleared by the vet to take home. The Buyer agrees that all pick-up dates are to be set by the Seller in the best interest of the puppy. If the puppy is not picked up within 5 business days of the notification to the Buyer that the puppies are available for pick-up the seller may then offer said puppy to another owner without any further obligation to the buyer placing this deposit unless other arrangements have been made in writing. Seller will do their best to work with everyone’s schedules to arrange a convenient time.

The outstanding balance shall be paid to and received by the Seller before the Buyer shall obtain possession of the puppy. The balance due must be paid in cash.

I, the Seller, make no guarantee of the puppy’s mature size, or that it will be show or breeding quality. Puppies are secured by deposit in an “as is” state, in reference to your choice of puppy at an early age, where exact color and coat pattern may change, and personality is not apparent.

If by tragic accident, the puppy is determined to have a congenital defect that prevents the puppy from being a companion animal, a full refund of deposit will be given to the Buyer.

The Seller reserves the right to void this transaction and refund the deposit if we feel for any Reason the Buyer might not be suitable for the puppy. We can take up to 30 days to refund the deposit.

The Buyer has 72 hours in which he/she is encouraged to have the puppy examined by a certified Veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong (related to bloodlines only) with the puppy, it will be exchanged for a similar pup from stock on hand, or from expected litters as soon as possible. The Buyer must return the puppy and all the paperwork to the Seller with a signed letter from the Veterinarian with the name, address, phone number, and the defect detected, before any replacement will be made. The Seller reserves the right for a second opinion from another Veterinarian if within 72 hours from the purchase date the puppy dies. An autopsy must be obtained (at the Buyer’s expense) to determine the cause of death. A replacement puppy will be given ONLY if death is caused by a hereditary factor. The Seller is NOT responsible for veterinarian bills or any other bills once the puppy leaves our home. Once the puppy has cleared the initial veterinarian’s exam, it will be understood that the Seller has provided a healthy puppy and the care of the puppy is now in the hands of the Buyer. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR NEW PUPPY CAN BE STRESSED FROM TOO MUCH HANDLING OR CHANGE OF DIET. The puppy’s health records from the Seller’s Veterinarian will be supplied at the time of purchase.

All sales are final and there are no refunds of any money paid, but may be transferable under certain circumstances mentioned above. The puppy is not guaranteed to be of show quality or as to color or size. Buyer is responsible for all transportation fees of original or replacement puppy. If a puppy has to be replaced, the original puppy must be returned at the time of the exchange.

Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the puppy as soon as the vet recommends or by 6 months.

The Buyer shall keep the dog as a household pet. The Buyer shall provide the dog with adequate food, fresh water, shelter, affection, and medical care upon sickness, disease or injury. Maintenance will include and annual health exam and routine vaccinations as recommended by a board-certified veterinarian. Poodles are primarily indoor dogs, although they enjoy exercise, walking, running and swimming. The Buyer will provide a regular means of exercise. A collar and identification tag and/or microchip will be utilized. The Buyer will not permit the dog to roam unattended.

The puppy shall reside with the Buyer. The Buyer shall notify the Seller immediately if the dog cannot be kept by the Buyer. The dog shall not be sold, transferred, or given to any individual or to any retail or wholesale establishment for the purpose of sale or resale to the public or to any research institution where medical experimentation or other practices take place. The Buyer agrees to sign the necessary papers to return the Seller as the sole owner of the dog in the event the dog is returned.

By submitting the purchase application, I state that I have read, understand, and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Purchase Agreement  and Health Guarantee. You will receive and sign a physical copy of our Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement when you pick up your puppy as well

Sire of Litter:

Dam of Litter:

Puppy Total Price: $2,000 for pet price, additional fee for breeding rights.

Puppy Breed: Standard Poodle


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